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So is this happening this month?

Everyone starting their nanowrimos for this month, and I unfortunately am doing a PhD so I can't very well allow my self literary abandon. I would still like to use this as a motivational tool to do writing on my dissertation. I don't figure anyone has time to be a "writing" buddy (and mostly I'm going to be synthesizing and summarizing literature at this point and coming up with concrete ideas about each of my chapters) but I wouldn't mind a little support or encouragement from other people doing the same, maybe sharing their writing process and brief blurbs about what we're all working on.
Anyway is this community even still active? Hello? Bueller?
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Slightly off-topic, but I'm in dissertation distress!

Hey folks,
I'm trying to set weekly goals, following along with this community. But I'm not meeting my goals, and I feel like I'm falling further and further behind. I'm not sure if I'm setting unrealistic goals, or if I'm just not motivated enough to make real progress.

How do you juggle the time needed to meet your writing goals and the time required for other things in graduate school- teaching, data collection, keeping up in the field, conferences- just to mention some of the things on my plate right now, not to mention trying to slip in some time to keep my outside-of-academia life moving along (seriously trying to pay bills on time, etc). I feel like I'm wiped out and too tired to write by the time I finish my "Absolutely has to happen today" list.

I'm supposed to defend in the winter quarter, and I'm quickly losing confidence in my ability to finish in time. I'd appreciate any recommendations people have.

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So how are we doing?

I had two aims for November:
- Write the 3,000 word essay that's due in in January
- Come up with a dissertation plan

As far as point 1 goes I'm doing well. I've used a few days off to really plough into reading (I work full time and study in the evenings) and I can see my way clear to having a solid structure down by this time next week.

The dissertation planning hasn't really moved forward at all. I'm not too worried just yet but I do want to have something to discuss with my tutor soon. I'm going to start using my travelling time to work on the dissertation plan. I'm also going to have to set daily goals once I get back to work. At least 3 hours reading per day, 1 of which must be dissertation based.
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Actual Word Counts

I realized that in the original post about goals, as well as the weekly goal post, I didn't really focus on word count, just general "things I'd like to get done." Looking through other people's goals, it looks like most people did the same.

But I think without a true nano-style word count, I'm going to focus on getting things done instead of getting things written. And as my advisor recently reminded me, I need to be doing both!

Here is a post if you'd like to take a moment to set a hard and fast word or page count goal for yourself, or multiple ones for different projects if needed. I'll try and post word/page count-specific posts now and then - maybe weekly, maybe more? - for people to post shorter-term goals as well as their current count. (Or, of course, others can do that if you randomly feel the need to push yourself.)

I'll post my own goals in the comments, but I have to get to a meeting now. *sigh*
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Nov. 1st - NaReWriMo

Sounds like a great group of people want to take part! 

Maybe we can start like this - for week 1 (Nov. 1-8), what do you want to accomplish? 
If you're working day by day, you post what your daily goals are. 
Then perhaps I'll post again on Nov. 7th to ask what if you accomplished what you hoped to, and then ask what the next week's goals are.  And so on. 

Anyone can feel free to post any day you like with updates, check-ins, encouragement, someone to be accountable to, support, questions etc.

:::encouraging pats on back to everyone:::
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